Event Planning for Networkers: Creating Engaging Spaces

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Event Planning for Networkers: Creating Engaging Spaces

When planning corporate events, understanding the personas of your attendees is crucial for delivering a successful and impactful experience. One such persona is "the networker" – individuals who attend events with the primary goal of expanding their professional network. To create an event that resonates with networkers and maximizes their networking potential, it's essential to design event spaces and experiences that cater to their specific needs. In this article, we'll provide practical advice for event planners, whether new or seasoned, to create networking-focused events. Let's explore the key strategies and furniture examples to enhance your event design in 2023.

Create Spaces for Structured and Casual Networking

To optimize networking opportunities, it's important to provide spaces for both structured and casual networking. Structured sessions, such as roundtable discussions or speed networking events, can facilitate meaningful interactions. For instance, the 42-inch Round Table paired with CORT's Brooklyn Meeting Chair with the swivel base offers a conducive environment for structured networking, allowing participants to engage and communicate effectively.

To avoid attendees staying within their comfort zones, consider using pods or timed sessions to encourage networkers to interact with different individuals. Additionally, lounge spaces with curved sofas, like the Endless Curve Sofa Package, promote casual networking by enhancing sightlines and creating a relaxed atmosphere for conversations to flow naturally.


Ensure Easy Movement within the Space

Facilitating seamless movement within the event space is crucial for networkers who seek to connect with as many attendees as possible. Avoid bottlenecks or dead-end areas that hinder movement and create a layout that promotes a smooth flow of people. Utilize CORT's 2D and 3D space planning tools - powered by AllSeated - to maximize your event spaces for networking purposes.

Implementing relaxed, low lighting combined with standing tables encourages attendees to mingle and engage in conversations. Placing standing tables like the Build Your Round Bar Table near the bar area allows for better circulation and prevents overcrowding. Complement the decor with customizable bar table seats, such as the all-new Banana Barstool, to create a comfortable and visually appealing ambiance.

Additionally, use room dividers and drapes strategically to designate areas, ensuring conversations remain uninterrupted as attendees move around. Maintaining a well-planned flow helps networkers stay focused on their current interactions.

Provide Areas for Privacy

While networking is the primary focus for many attendees, it's important to offer areas where individuals can take breaks or engage in private conversations. Designated quiet zones or private meeting rooms within the event space can cater to these needs. Create privacy using dividers while maintaining a flow between different areas.

Furniture pieces with high backs, such as the Endless High Back Loveseat from CORT, offer a natural and unobtrusive way to create private spaces. You can also incorporate greenery, like bamboo tree plants or boxwood hedges, to provide a sense of privacy and relaxation.


Embrace the Power of Furniture and Event Solutions

When planning your event, don't underestimate the impact of furniture in creating a welcoming and conducive environment for networking. CORT Events offers an extensive range of furniture and decor solutions tailored to meet your needs. From lounge seating that encourages conversations to private meeting spaces, CORT has you covered.

CORT Events offers a wide range of furniture options and innovative planning tools to help you bring your event design to life. Accommodate networkers at your events with confidence and watch your attendees thrive in their networking endeavors.

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