The Essential Furniture Pieces for Every Event

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The Essential Furniture Pieces for Every Event

Today’s events are unique and creative, unlike the cookie-cutter events of the past. To set your next event apart from the rest, you need a compelling theme and décor that matches your ideas.

Every event needs certain furniture pieces to truly be successful, and with the right choices, your furniture can enhance the style and creativity of your event. Here are some essential pieces for you to consider, along with advice on how to make the most of them.


Soft Seating: Sofas, Chairs, and More

No matter the nature of your event, soft seating offers eventgoers more than just comfort. The right choices in sofas, chairs, and ottomans — as well as other types of soft seating — give you the ability to strike the tone and style that you want for your event.

Trade Shows

Too many trade show organizers view their event venues as a place for attendees to walk around and do little else. But incorporating soft seating in your next trade show creates opportunities for networking in an environment that’s comfortable and disarming.

Exhibitors can sit down with potential clients to discuss what their company has to offer. Teams can gather in a relaxing space to touch base and make plans. Eventgoers can simply get off their feet and regroup for a few minutes.

Try a Dune Sectional or Allegro Sofa in an exhibitor’s area for a place to meet with clients. An Endless Serpentine or Closed Circle seating arrangement can work well in an open area, while a fully modular Beverly Grouping is ideal for a team to gather for collaboration.

Corporate Meetings

Today’s corporate meetings don’t have to look like the staid seminars of the past. Choosing the right soft seating gives you opportunities to design a space that combines collaboration with contemporary comfort and professionalism.

Replace rows of chairs with curved or circular seating from the Endless Collection. Group teams or departments together using sectional seating. Modular options like the Beverly Collection or the Endless ottoman seating with tables allow teams to converse and collaborate together. Numerous options give you color choices to fit any theme or décor — and you can even opt for outdoor seating that takes networking beyond the walls of your event space.

Large Personal Events

Whether you’re planning for a wedding, fundraiser, or any other large gala, you’re looking to create an event that guests will remember for a long time to come. Adding soft seating to your event can match any style while providing spaces for relaxing conversation and enjoyment.

Are you aiming for the sleek style of mid-century modern design? The Chandler and Fairfax Sofas provide upscale comfort with classic, minimalist lines. If it’s an upscale luxury you’re after, combine the Constellation Sofa with the Key Largo chair for style that’s both lavish and relaxing. If you’re planning an outdoor event, the Boca Collection gives you plenty of options for customization and comfort that withstand the elements.


Tables: Working Sessions, Networking, Catering, and More

Tables aren’t just utilitarian — they can also add an extra sense of style to an event. Finding the right tables that fit the function and décor of your event is almost as important as choosing the proper large furniture pieces. Don’t overlook the difference that the right tables can bring to your next event.

Corporate Meetings

At your next corporate meeting, break out of the mold of the folding table and opt for smaller tables that allow for conversation, networking, and collaboration. Consider conference-style tables that offer a bold sense of style while allowing teams to work together and communicate with each other effectively.

Look for tables that offer the customization and flexibility that suit your needs, and take advantage of modern technology with powered tables that allow eventgoers to charge their devices. You can also find tables that allow you to take the festivities outdoors.

Networking Events

If you’re setting up for an event that’s designed for networking, you can combine substance and style with inviting tables that fit any theme or décor. If attendees are standing up to network, it’s easy to find bar tables that fit contemporary, rustic, or minimalist themes — even if you want customizable options.

For networking opportunities where eventgoers will sit, opt for café tables that contribute to an inviting atmosphere. If you’re putting soft seating at your event, look for accent tables, communal tables, and side tables that add convenience and flair to your event space. You’ll find powered options for both café and accent tables as well.

Catered Events

Tables aren’t just a place for eventgoers to eat; they’re also social hubs at any event. Your next catered event can stand out from the crowd with tables that not only serve guests well but also look amazing. No matter the theme or style at your event, you can find tables that fit any vision, from traditional to modern.

Customizable options mean that the sky’s the limit when setting up your room, and powered tables turn any table into a photo station ready for attendees to post their favorite photos to social media. You might even find tables that make such a strong statement that you don’t want to cover them with tablecloths.


Décor: Setting the Scene

Once you’ve settled on furniture in your event space, don’t overlook the importance of décor. Decorative items are about more than just appearance because they can add practical and aesthetic value to your event. The right décor items can enhance a theme, set a mood, or designate specific rooms or areas within a larger space.


Pillows enhance your soft seating with a pop of color, a shock of contrast, or a bit of texture. Your choices in pillows can suggest luxury, whimsy or comfort. Choose pillows in different sizes and textures to give your soft seating spaces variety and depth.


Lighting is one of the most crucial, yet often overlooked, features of event décor. Utilize the lighting to craft dramatic effects or draw attention to certain parts of the event space. Change the lighting throughout your event to create different moods and set the tone for each segment. Proper LED lighting can help you take advantage of color as well, and you can even customize lighting to fit your brand or theme.


Drapery is another decorative tool that can take your event to the next level. Use drapes to divide a larger space into smaller areas or as wayfinding to draw attendees into the room. Layers of drapery create colorful effects that match any event theme or concept and can create memorable lounges and cabana areas. Draping can even help you establish a sense of anticipation for a product reveal or a special segment of the event.

Why CORT Events

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