Ideas to Design Your Events Around Every Season

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Ideas to Design Your Events Around Every Season

One of the exciting things about the changing seasons is the opportunity to express your creativity in different ways throughout the year. Whether this is with new clothing, interior and exterior decor, or in your event design there are a variety of ways to make every season special in its own way. 

As an event planner, you’re in a unique position to provide attendees with an experience that’s not limited to the season we’re in. If a client would like to host a fall-themed event while the temps are heating up for summer, you can do this. Winter shades during the spring? No problem. Whether you prefer traditional or modern event furniture, you can easily take inspiration from any of the seasons with colors, lighting, decor, and furnishings.

Here’s how you can make the most of seasonal decorating ideas for events throughout the year and how modern furniture rental can help you achieve your event goals.

Ideas from Spring

Spring is a time of renewal for nature and for people in general, and color and decor trends for the season reflect that idea. Traditional spring colors include light pastels and a whole rainbow of hues that suggest the growth of flowers and trees — colors like peach, pink, mint green, baby blue, soft yellow, and lavender.

Pantone has chosen a line of Spring and Summer 2022 colors that make us feel balanced, comfortable, and secure as well as optimistic, liberated, and joyful. Incorporating these shades into your accent furniture and event decor rentals will help you keep the spirit of spring alive throughout your event.

CORT Events Blade Collection Bar Stools

You can even rent barstools for your event that reflect the vibrancy of spring. The Blade collection of barstools and the accompanying line of chairs come in an array of exciting spring colors. Add an extra shine to your spring event with chrome end tables like the Silverado end table or the Alondra end table — be sure to incorporate chrome into your event furniture rental for spring events.

Ideas from Summer

Nearly everybody equates summer with excitement and freedom, and the hues and decor of the season reflect that carefree sense. Traditional summer colors are bold, vibrant, rich, sunny, and floral. Think white, turquoise, yellow, bright red, orange, fuchsia, and other colors that pop.

Pantone’s Summer colors play into the contrasting senses of familiarity and adventure that summer brings. Sectional summer furniture and ottoman rentals for your events — like the Beverly collection — can help promote conversation and comfort at your event, no matter the purpose.

CORT Events Malibu Chair at Outdoor Pool Part Event

When you rent chairs for an event, consider elegant comfort like the Malibu chair as well as carefree casual pieces like the Christopher chair. Summer is perfect for outdoor events, so when you plan for an event under the sun or stars, consider outdoor furniture rental as well.

Ideas from Fall

Fall is a fun time of year to design an event because the color palate changes drastically in nature and in clothing and decor. Rich neutral tones that mimic the changing leaves and nature define fall. Hues like oranges, reds, yellows, and browns come into play. There are tons of fall season decorating ideas that make event planning exciting for this time of year.

Pantone’s color scheme for Fall 2022-Winter 2023 consists of hues that are nurturing, tactile, calm, and restorative paired with shades that are bright, celebratory, and energizing. You can incorporate these colors when you rent chairs for your event.

CORT Events Valencia Chair

One of the fall furniture ideas that can work for your next autumn event includes the Valencia chair, which combines a classic burnt-orange color with a design that’s both retro and fresh. Pair the chair with pillows that bring in more vibrant fall colors — in fact, pillow rental is a terrific way to bring in pops of color in any season. Fall is a prime time for outdoor events or events that bring the outdoors inside. Outdoor furniture rental can help you plan a memorable event whether you’re out in the open or inside.

Ideas from Winter

Winter is a truly unique time because colors and winter decor both match and contrast the starkness of the outdoor landscape. Traditional winter colors tend to reflect the absence of color, with holiday colors added in for a festive contrast. Think neutrals like whites, creams, browns, blacks, and grays blended with rich tones like ruby red, emerald green, and sapphire blue.

Pantone’s colors for Winter 2022-2023 draw on the classic, timeless neutral shades with pops of exciting, brighter tones. Use these colors in your winter furniture ideas. Ottoman rental for events are a terrific option for easily configurable seating.

CORT Events Endless Collection

Oval ottomans from the Endless Collection give you modular seating that can throw in the dramatically contrasting shades of winter colors.  You can also rely on drapes to incorporate colors and textures for winter events. Room divider drapes can help you make a larger space warmer, cozier, and more intimate. Don’t discount the way pipe and drape rental can help you transform a space in wintertime.

Partner with CORT Events Rentals in Every Season

No matter what time of year you’re looking to plan an event, CORT Events is your perfect partner. CORT offers you a vast array of styles, colors, and collections for events of any size, style, and season. You can count on us for creative inspiration too.

CORT Events Rental has Planning Tools that can help you make the most of your event from the earliest stages to the day of. We also take care of delivery, assembly, and breakdown. So for the next event, you’re ready to plan, your first call — or online visit — should be to CORT Events. We’re looking forward to helping you bring out the best of each season at your events.

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