3 Ways to Bring Elements of Home for Your Next Event

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3 Ways to Bring Elements of Home for Your Next Event

Work culture has changed over the past couple of years. With the growth of a robust work from home movement, many employees are used to having the comfort of home at their fingertips. Even team members who divide their time between office work and remote work appreciate the comfortable seating, a kitchen nearby, and the more relaxed atmosphere that working from home brings.

As a result of the work from home movement, many offices are incorporating the comforts of home into the workplace. So why not do the same at your next event? Incorporating a relaxing, home-like environment at your next event makes your employees who work from home feel more comfortable. Creating an event that feels like home will give your office-based team members and event attendees a sense of familiarity as well.

If you’re wondering how you can add some of the comforts of home into your next event, don’t worry. Here’s a handy guide with some advice and suggestions on how to use elements of home to inspire your next event.

Lounge Areas

The lounge area at your event may be the first impression that you make on your attendees because it may also serve as a foyer or pre-event space. Your choice of lounge furniture can help you turn your lounge area into an inviting and friendly space for team members to gather before, in between, and after sessions.

Opt for lounge furniture that both looks good and feels comfortable. Group your furniture pieces into conversation areas where people can gather and hang out. Modular furniture pieces allow you to configure them in multiple ways, and those configurations create fun and inviting spaces.

Your choice in accent furniture can go a long way toward making your lounge area feel like home. From coffee tables and ottomans that allow employees to prop up their feet and relax to end tables and cocktail tables for putting drinks and plates on, the right accent furniture gives eventgoers license to be comfortable. You can even set up self-serve bar and buffet areas that make an event seem more like a party at home.

Lighting and Decor

The right choices in lighting and decorative items will also help contribute to a homestyle environment at your next event. When you’re searching for lighting rental for events, stay away from fluorescent lights and heavy overhead lighting and go with low-key event lighting like floor lamps and table lamps that provide warmer and more focused lighting like a room at home. LED lighting around the perimeter of the space will feel less intrusive as well.

Smaller decor pieces can also add a more relaxed feel of home to your event. Look for decor rental companies near you that offer pieces that don’t look too corporate. When you consider rug rental for your events, find rugs that are plush and look more like what goes in someone’s home rather than the harder carpets and flooring in an event space or office. Look for pillow rental for events to add an extra touch of home to your seating and lounge areas. Don’t forget to add artwork and plants to give every corner of your event space a comfortable and inviting vibe.

Powered Stations

One of the best things about being at home is that employees will have access to device charging at all times. That’s an experience you can replicate at your next event with powered furniture pieces. From powered tables to use in breakout rooms to powered accent tables and ottomans for lounge areas, it’s easy to provide plenty of opportunities for eventgoers to keep their phones, tablets, and laptops fully charged and ready to go. Powered soft seating and tables give your event an extra air of convenience that feels almost like being at home.

One of the nice things about finding all of these elements to add touches of home to your next event is that you can find all of these items in one place — CORT Events. CORT Events has everything you need for your next event. Whether it’s a full set up for a cocktail hour — including bar top, tables, and stools — or modular seating to create an open and flexible space the provides comfort during a networking event, we offer high-quality furniture rental that can work for you.

With our national footprint, CORT Events can set up and break down our deliveries across the country. We even offer creative ideas and decorative inspiration to help you do more with your event than you ever thought was possible. The next time you’re ready to plan an event that includes elements of home, check out CORT Events.

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