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From Home Decor to the Event Floor: Color Inspiration

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From Home Decor to the Event Floor: Color Inspiration

As 2021 draws to a close, it’s always nice to take a look back at what made this year unique. One of the year’s big trends is bringing colors from home decor into events. Using colors that remind eventgoers of home helps them feel comfortable, while those who work from home will recognize the comforts that they’re used to. Home decor colors help create continuity between the family at home and the one at work.

Just because 2021 is done doesn’t mean we have to abandon color trends from last year. While looking for ways to incorporate the 2022 chosen colors into your next event, don’t forget, the colors of 2021 will still make an impact this year as well.

Here’s a guide for how to find color inspiration in the home decor color trends of 2021 and how to tie them into your next event.

From Dining Room to Banquet Hall

It’s easy to incorporate this year’s dining room decor trends into the banquet hall for your next event. The relationship between the dining room at home and the banquet hall at an event is a natural one, so these trends work well in either type of venue. One of the top trends in dining rooms in 2021 is the Scandinavian look. Tie in whites and natural wood elements for a crisp, clean style. White chairs and decor with a natural look can help you achieve this simple, modern look.

Designers also brought in dark, yet bold colors into the dining room in 2021, particularly shades of navy blue and dark green that suggest timelessness and trendiness at the same time. Look for these colors in decor elements and curtains, while your table and chair rentals should match that color palette as well to complete this warm, friendly look.

From Living Room to Networking Event

The living room is a casual, comfortable place where everyone feels at home, and it’s a place to entertain, which makes it the perfect parallel to a networking event. Choose this year’s popular living room colors as your palette for networking to bring that sense of familiarity in.

After the tumultuous year of 2020, the decorating world looked for a color that suggested calm, which is why Pantone chose Ultimate Gray as its color of 2021. The steady simplicity of gray brings an air of calmness and reassurance to a space, and you can tie in Pantone’s choice of accent color: Illuminating, which is a bold, lemony yellow. It’s easy to work with gray as a dominant color and tie in bright yellow accent furniture for a pop of color.

Martha Stewart suggests other top living room colors from 2021 as warmer grays that blend in elements of beige to soft greens or earthy reds and pinks. You can easily incorporate any of these color ideas into a networking event space to bring in the familiarity and comfort of a living room.

From Bedroom to Cocktail Hour

When you’re at home, there’s no better place to relax than the bedroom, so why not use the same concept when you’re designing the area of your event where attendees can unwind? Tying the hottest bedroom colors of 2021 to your lounge furniture rental choices can help you develop a relaxing and enjoyable lounge space at your next event.

One of the most consistent colors on everybody’s bedroom color list this year has been terracotta. This color blends well with lounge furniture in other earthy tones or reds and pinks. Look for cocktail tables and other serving furniture in this color scheme when you’re searching for bar furniture rentals.

Pistachio green is also a hot bedroom color in 2021 because of its soothing brightness, so feel free to incorporate those shades in your lounge area. If you’re especially bold, go with metallic black! Look for bar event rentals that use this classically stunning color.

Where can you find color inspiration and a wide selection of styles that reflect this year’s trends? The answer is simple: CORT Events. You can count on us for everything from the basics to the harder-to-find pieces. We can help you create a vision for your event or fulfill the plans you’ve already developed.

CORT Events does so much more than offer furniture rental, we create one-of-kind ensembles that leave guests and attendees with memories for years to come. Whether you’re looking for inspiration to add a pop of color to your next event or ready to get to work, let us help you today.

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