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Designing Corporate Events with Comfort in Mind

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Designing Corporate Events with Comfort in Mind

Everyone is feeling some level of stress, and people are more aware of their mental health than ever before. Heightened stress levels, restlessness, and other mental health issues have been brewing for a long time, but the pandemic and civil unrest of recent years have brought these issues to the forefront.

Individuals everywhere are beginning to take control of their physical and mental health, and believe it or not, as a planner, you can help them by making comfort a priority at your next event. Here’s a guide on how to do just that.

Rise of the Wellness Culture and How It Benefits Events

Wellness has become a $1.5 trillion dollar industry. From vitamins and herbal supplements to smartphone apps for fitness and mindfulness, it seems like everyone is focused on maintaining their personal wellness following the pandemic. Because of this availability and mass acceptance, wellness is more than a fad — it’s developed into a genuine culture. This is why it’s important to look for ways to support the wellness of event-goers 

Benefits of Creating a Comfortable Atmosphere for Events

Comfort contributes to the balance and wellness of individuals as a whole. If you’re planning a corporate meeting or event on behalf of an organization, consider looking towards the updates and retrofits happening within your clients workplace that focus on this very subject. These modifications are intended to help employees experience a heightened sense of value within their organization and lower stress.

There are physical benefits, too — employees who are comfortable at work (and at work-related events) sleep well, manage their weight better, feel fewer stress hormone spikes, and experience better overall health.

A sense of comfort benefits the team as a whole as well. Comfortable employees get along better, trust each other more, improve relationships, and become more productive.

Comfort is a win-win for everyone involved.

Adding Comfort to Your Events

When you’re planning an event, you want the most bang for your buck. Your event is an experience, and adding elements of comfort to the event helps you optimize it. Whether your goal is to boost brand identity and reputation, increase sales, strengthen company culture with a retreat-type event, or some other objective, comfort can help you achieve it.

Comfort isn’t just for one particular part of the event space. Elements of comfort throughout your event space can tie the theme together as well as make attendees feel at home no matter what room they’re in. Consider escape rooms where event-goers can get away from the noise and crowds for quiet time, reflection, or mindfulness. 

Immersive experiences are another way to bring elements of comfort into your event. Think of theme parks, resorts, or exhibits that help you forget the world outside. You can take your guests to a different time and place with truly immersive events.

Soothing Colors, Textures, and Patterns

It may sound elementary, but the colors, textures, and patterns within a space can enhance the level of comfort. The same principles apply to events as well. Cool colors like blue, green, and purple are soothing and comfortable, while yellow brings feelings of comfort and energy. Whites and pastels can also soothe and comfort attendees.

Certain textures evoke feelings of comfort and positive sensations. Soft and smooth textures evoke comfort, so bring those into your event design. Avoid rough and hard textures that bring less desirable sensations. Discernible patterns in natural and manmade elements also suggest comfort. Use drapery, accessories, and other decor elements to bring pleasing colors, textures, and patterns to your next event.

Comfortable Furniture

There was a time when the only furniture you could get for a large event was folding chairs and tables. Now there are so many options available at your fingertips, and you can optimize for comfort by choosing the right pieces. Furniture is a major part of your event space, and opting for cozy and comfortable furniture can make your attendees feel at ease, happy, and relaxed for the event and for networking and conversation before and afterward.

Soft seating can be both stylish and cozy in any event space, and you can find chairs that match any type of event — even in posh velvet. Comfy ottomans give you options for extra seating or for guests to prop their feet up, and there’s nothing more customizable and configurable than modular sofas.

Temperature and Lighting

One of the trickiest areas of comfort to navigate is temperature. Everyone has an opinion — some people are always hot, while others are always cold. Add to human nature the fact that some larger event spaces make it difficult to control temperature. What do you do? It’s often a safe and energy-efficient bet to split the difference between cold-natured and hot-natured event-goers and find a happy medium in temperature. Another solution is to divide a larger space into living-room-sized spaces that give attendees more choices and give you more options for temperature control.

Lighting is an area where subtle changes can make a big difference. Avoid those awful fluorescent tube lights that every event space seems to have and opt for customizable LED lighting that gives you control over brightness and color. Area lighting gives you options for comfort and coziness in smaller spaces as well.

Event Furniture Rental: Using CORT Events to Optimize Comfort

A comfortable space requires more than an event chair rental company. You might think that you need to find multiple sources to help you achieve a comfortable and inviting event space, but you only need one: CORT Events. Not only will you find plenty of ideas that help you achieve comfort and wellness within your event space, but you’ll also find tons of other creative and inspiring ideas.

One of the best advantages to CORT Events is that we handle delivery, setup, and breakdown, so you can say that they’ll do the heavy lifting for you. CORT Events is your source for modular furniture rental for events, lighting, accessories, tables, and a lot more. 

Give CORT Events a call or check us out online the next time you’re ready to put an event on your calendar. What better partner to have on your side when planning your events. 

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