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Start with confidence at your next meeting, conference or special event. Having a partner like CORT can help make almost anything possible. We have the skills and knowledge to understand your vision and help transform your event into an engaging experience. Our extensive rental product collections, free 3D space planning tool, national footprint, and unparalleled service deliver value you can trust.
  • About CORT Events:

    See how CORT can help you create memorable events and meetings and bring your vision to life.

  • CORT LA Street Art Design Experience:

    Find out how LA Street Art inspired CORT’s Los Angeles VIP Event at LA Center Studios through designs by Perfect Surroundings, Intl. and a live client design competition.

  • CORT Nashville Event Experience:

    Watch how Perfect Surroundings, Intl. and our sponsor partners transformed George Jones Museum in Nashville for a special VIP Event.