Warm Up Your Winter Event

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Warm Up Your Winter Event

Winter events have their own distinct feel that’s unique to the season. At winter events, the focus is on coziness and warmth in contrast to the cold weather and stark landscapes of winter. One of the best ways to achieve this focus in your event is with layers.

“We all know that the secret to the success of a rich, characterful scheme is layering. So, what is layering in the interior ― and how do you approach it? Well, each element in a space ― paint, wallpaper, lighting, flooring, soft furnishings, furniture, artwork, and accessories ― is a layer,” writes Sophie Warren-Smith at Homes & Gardens.

Layering for your event space this winter is easier than you might think. We’re here to show you how. In this article, we’re going to show you how to take the popular color trends this winter and layer them with textures, shapes, and other pops of color to create layers that will make your winter event one to remember.

Start with a Statement Piece in your Base Color

One of your first big decisions when planning your winter event is the base color. Because specific colors often convey specific feelings and ideas, your choice of base color will set the tone for the event.

“Color relays overt and subliminal cues about an event’s purpose and location. It shapes the way attendees — both online and in-person — remember their experience,” writes Charlotte Miller at Toptal.

Your first step in choosing a base color is to determine the type of event you are having and the feelings you want to convey at the event. Bright colors communicate feelings of high energy and excitement, while neutral, more muted colors communicate feelings of sophistication and relaxation. Once you’ve decided on a color, pick a statement piece of furniture in that color and start designing your space around it.

For example, if you’re choosing a neutral base color like Pantone’s Arctic Wolf, you can opt for the white Constellation Sofa.

For a bright winter color, we suggest Pantone’s Amazon. Viva suggests that you “Think about Jade, Emerald, Green Quartz, Myrtle Green, and of course, the ever-humble Olive Green to revamp your living space. This design trend has its roots in Mother Nature’s glory, borrowing the lush and soothing palette and mixing it with the grunginess of urban design.” A color like Amazon works nicely with a piece like the Endless Large Curve Low Back Sofa in Emerald.

Bring in Pops of Color 

Once you’ve chosen your base color and settled on a large furniture piece to highlight that color, it’s time to complement the base color with pops of color. While it may be tempting to choose patterns that match and complement the base color, too many patterns can overstimulate and distract from the look you’re trying to achieve. Instead, bring in pops of bright solids and limited patterns.

“Sticking to solids is oftentimes an easier way for our brain to process what color is, instead of multiple patterns which can feel overwhelming,” writes Sarah Dimarco at Veranda. To use our Pantone Amazon from the earlier section as an example, you can pair the Endless Large Curve Low Back Sofa in emerald with the Beverly Bench Ottoman in yellow for a striking contrast.

Using a neutral base color gives you even more possibilities. Going back to our white Constellation Sofa example, you can pair that piece with a bold Pantone color like Midnight. Try a furniture piece like the Malibu Chair and layer it with a large piece like the Horizons Rug which has a modern pattern in shades of blue and gray.

Incorporate Different Textures

Never underestimate the warmth and tactility that texture can bring into an event space. Incorporating various textures can bring an added sense of comfort to any area.

“Layer upon your upholstery this winter. Experiment with rugs, throw pillows, and carpets that showcase a riot of colors. Textures like herringbone, wool, fur, and silk will not only instill the right amount of comfort but also help you realize your ideal winter wonderland home decor,” writes the team at Viva.

You can bring in texture with rugs and pillows that naturally bring warmth to a space along with contrasting or complementary colors. With our Pantone Amazon example, textured pieces like the Impact Shag Rug or Wagner Chair give you a contrast of color and feel. with the Endless Large Curve Low Back Sofa in emerald. You can add texture but in neutral colors with pillows like the velvet Champagne Pillow or the faux fur Fluff Pillow.

If you’re going with a neutral base color, like our example of the white Constellation Sofa, opt for combining textures and bright colors with pieces like the Shimmer Pillow in Deep Teal. For a more dramatic look, go neutral on neutral with textured pieces that provide contrast to your statement piece, like the Mongolian Faux Fur Pillow in gray, which corresponds with Pantone’s Chiseled Stone. Drapes are also a great option for adding texture to a space.

Mix and Match Different Shapes

Layering isn’t just about using colors and textures; you can also bring in different shapes and materials to bring dimension and eye-catching interest into a space. Incorporating shapes into your event design gives you the ability to create contrast of a different kind.

“​​The layering trend has been present since last season, mostly in fashion, but also in design. In this fall/winter, it is all about layering and mixing different materials, from wood to marble, brass, and glass,” writes the team at Hundred.

Using wood and glass pieces is a great way to add unique shapes and textures along with elements that suggest nature. Mixing curved, soft edges with hard-edged furniture pieces creates dimension and depth. The opposite ideas work as well.

“This is often achieved by curating a space filled with beautiful textures and interesting shapes. Many times, this can come from both architecture as well as the furnishings,” points out Sophie Warren-Smith at Homes & Gardens.

To contrast the soft features of our example of the Endless Large Curve Low Back Sofa in Emerald, you can add pieces like the Geo Cocktail Table, which features a hard-edged gold base.

If you’re using a more neutral base piece like the Constellation Sofa, you can complement it with the glass top Alondra Cocktail Table with angular lines that contrast the sofa’s soft curves. Floor lamps like the Delano Floor Lamp which features triangles and a diamond-shaped light shade, work in any space as they bring in unique textures and shapes that draw the attention of attendees.

Layer Up at your Next Event Space with CORT Events

Just like layering clothes in the winter helps you stay warm and comfortable, layering your space with different colors, patterns, textures, and shapes to evoke comfort and warmth at a wintertime event. The best way to do this is to start with a base color and choose at least one large piece to feature in that base color. From there, you can add shapes, textures, materials, and colors that complement or contrast that base color.

Layering at your next winter event is easy when you partner with CORT Events. CORT is there for you every step of the way in your event planning and execution. Count on CORT for outside-of-the-box ideas and inspiration along with the furniture and decor options to make those concepts a reality.

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