Furniture for Your Next Fall Inspired Event

Blue and plum soft seating in front of black dividers and boxwood hedges.
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Furniture for Your Next Fall Inspired Event

There’s something special about the outdoorsy feel of fall. Maybe it’s the changing leaves or the cooler weather, but everyone seems to want to be outside when the season begins. Fall is an ideal time to bring elements of the outdoors inside. Earth tones and natural textures can make attendees feel like they’re tied in with nature. A fall event is a great opportunity to bring the outdoors into your indoor events in a tasteful and stylish way.

In this article, we look at how you can find inspiration for an outdoor-inspired design for a fall event using furniture from CORT Events. It’s easy when you start with one furniture piece — for sample purposes, we’ll use the Valencia Sofa as an example — and build your decor around it. We’ll also explore how to incorporate other pieces with different colors, textures, and patterns to bring the outdoors into a fall event.

Let’s get ready to bring the outdoors inside.

Combine fall foliage colors

One of the most striking features of the outdoors in the fall is the changing color of the leaves. Fall foliage draws tourists to vibrant, awe-inspiring colors. Taking inspiration from the colors of fall leaves is an easy way to bring the outdoors inside and replicate a fall landscape at an indoor event.

The colors you typically associate with fall are ideal for replicating fall foliage. Browns, oranges, deeper yellows, and darker greens all suggest the leaves of fall. Using the Valencia Sofa as a base for our example design starts us off with a natural Earth tone. Add other soft seating pieces to the mix like the Bowery Chair in ochre and the Valencia Chair in spice orange. These chairs not only add more soft seating to the space, but they also complement the earthiness of the sofa with the tones of fall leaves.

Other accent pieces bring in natural elements. Champagne Velvet Pillows add some lightness to the scene, while the Marche Swivel Ottoman in forest green and the Jacob Wood Table add more natural elements. The Morocco Rug adds more earthiness to tie everything together from the ground up.

Elicit earthy feelings with texture

Bringing the outdoors into a fall event is about more than just color. Texture is key to achieving a natural, earthy feel as well. Varying the textures within a space adds dimension and makes the room more interesting. For our example space, the soft, sophisticated velvet of the Valencia Sofa contrasts well with the distressed leather texture of the Atherton Chair. The Mesa Cocktail Table, with its rustic yet sophisticated barnwood top, adds another dimension of outdoor texture to an already inviting space.

Smaller pieces and decor elements with varying textures can add to an earthy yet elegant vibe at a fall event. The Irvine Floor Lamp has a faux marble base while the Frayed Lumbar Pillow has intriguing edges. Tie them together with the Del Mar Tonal Rug. These textures are pleasing to the eye as well as to the touch, and they combine to create a comfortable, cozy space.

Use patterns that contribute to the warmth

Fall colors and textures go a long way toward bringing an outdoorsy sense to a space, and patterns can bring even more warmth and feelings of fall to an event. Let’s go back to our Valencia Sofa example. It’s earthy in color and has an intriguing velvet texture but adding more patterns to the space breaks up the solid colors and adds interest to the eyes and warmth to the senses.

The Plumes Pillow features a light feather pattern in neutral, fall colors for a different sense of bringing the outdoors inside, while the Albuquerque Pillow in ochre brings a welcoming and inviting Southwest vibe. These pillows with bold, memorable patterns also pair well with the Lena Chair in moss green or the Bowery Chair in ochre. The Omega Rug can add to both the warmth of a space and the sense of the outdoors with its earthy brown pattern, while the Mesa Cocktail Table has an enticing barnwood pattern that suggests the outdoors as well.

Get Your Space Ready with CORT Events

By now you’ve seen how combining different colors, textures, and patterns that usher the outdoors inside can bring fall vibes into the event. All it takes is starting with one focal piece that feels like fall and accenting with various pieces that suggest the natural, earthy elements of the outdoors.

There’s one source that can provide the furniture and accent items to meet your needs all in one place: CORT Events. Don’t just think of CORT as a place to rent furniture; CORT Events is also your partner in planning the best fall event you can dream of. From ideas and inspiration to cutting-edge space planning tools to setup and delivery, CORT has your back every step of the way.

So, when the time comes to bring the outdoors inside for a fall event, don’t hesitate to call CORT Events or check out their website. You won’t regret teaming up with them for every step of your event planning.

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