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A Color Story: Transitioning Colors From Summer to Fall

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A Color Story: Transitioning Colors From Summer to Fall

The change of season brings welcome variety to the world, and the transformation from summer to fall is no exception. Cooler weather, vibrant leaves, and the routine of a new school year make the fall season a refreshing contrast after summer.

Colors also transition from summer to winter. The bright, exciting summer hues give way to earthier tones as fall rolls around. Pantone Color Institute, the renowned color expert, recognizes the change in season with its color choices for summer and fall. While Pantone reported that its colors for summer 2022 included “a range of soothing and timeless colors, along with joyous hues that celebrate playfulness,” its choices for fall 2022 “embrace the joy of being alive through super-bright hues expressing energy-boosting vitality and the celebration of life.”

Much in the same way that homeowners can reflect the change of season with fall decor, your events can reflect the excitement and freshness of a new season. You don’t have to have an expert decorator’s eye or watch hours of home improvement shows to achieve the perfect look that bridges the gap between summer and fall. Here are some examples of colors from the Pantone collections that transition from summer to fall with some practical examples of how you can bring them into your next event.

From Daffodil to Samoan Sun

Yellow is a color that universally suggests positivity and warmth, regardless of the season. You can use yellow to brighten a space and add texture, particularly if the room or building has no windows. Pantone selected its summer yellow shade, Daffodil, to evoke feelings of spontaneity, while its choice for fall, Samoan Sun, reflects illumination and enlightenment.

You can incorporate yellow into an event for fall with a variety of pieces from CORT Events. Shades of yellow can work for any event, whether you choose to make a statement with large pieces like the Bowery Chair or the Beverly Bench Ottoman in yellow or opt for a more subtle route with accent pieces like the Albuquerque Pillow in ochre or the Visions Rug in saffron.

The reassuring and cheerful yellow tone of Samoan Sun is ideal for your fall event because it pairs well with other trending colors for the season like the subtle green of Martini Olive or the orange-leaning brown of Caramel Café. For example, the Bowery Chair in ochre pairs complements the Del Mar Tonal Rug in Earth Brown or the Sedona Side Table with the barnwood top.

From Poinciana to Lava Falls

Shades of red work well for most seasons because they evoke feelings of security and protection as well as increase enthusiasm. In other words, red conjures up the exact feelings you want your eventgoers to experience. For fall, in particular, reds are welcome because they’re warm tones that conjure up dramatic, color-changing leaves. For summer, Panton’s choice of Poinciana was dramatic and bright, and for the fall, Pantone has chosen Lava Falls, with its orange tones, as its red shade.

The Chandler Sofa in cranberry from CORT Events is the ideal large piece in this shade. Its rich red resembles Pantone’s Lava Falls, and it pairs expertly with the ochre Bowery Chair — CORT even puts those pieces together in the Chandler Bowery Package. The contrast of dark and bright, which are both warm, creates a striking space that’s warm and inviting. An accent that works well with this sofa is the Nile Rug, which brings in other trending fall tones like cool aqua, spice orange, and bright pink.

From Skydiver to Midnight

Cool colors like blue and green make a pleasant balance for the warm colors of fall because they provide a welcome contrast. Blue in particular works well with fall colors, and deep shades of blue suggest power and knowledge, which is why companies often incorporate these tones into their logos.

Pantone chose the rich indigo of Skydiver as its summer shade of blue, but the late-night sky of Midnight is the featured blue for fall. Using a deep blue like Midnight helps maintain a professional look and contrasts well with the vibrant warm colors of the season.

When it comes to furniture for an event, you don’t have to choose individual pieces from CORT Events; you can opt for a collection instead. For example, the Montreal Visions Package works well as a way to tie deep blues into a fall event. This collection incorporates saffron, spiced orange, brown, and blue hues that tie in with the trends for fall 2022.

Choosing the Right Colors and Furnishings for Your Event with CORT Events

The existing elements within your event space go a long way in helping determine the right fall focal color to use. If you’re working within a neutral event space, be sure to bring in colors that pop consistently throughout the space and that is balanced.

Having the right furniture partner will make a huge difference, and CORT Events has you covered. From large pieces to smaller accents and decor, CORT can provide you with everything you need to bring fall color and ultimate practicality to your event.

When you’re ready to make your fall event a success, reach out to CORT Events. You’ll be glad you did.

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