Lighting Inspiration for Your Next Event

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Lighting Inspiration for Your Next Event

With all the elements you have to think about when you’re planning an event, sometimes it’s easy to overlook lighting — or at least to take it for granted. But you should give careful consideration to lighting choices. Lighting has its obvious pragmatic applications, but it also gives you plenty of ways to innovate and wow your attendees.

Don’t think of lighting as just giving eventgoers the ability to see. Think of lighting as a way to make a statement, highlight your brand, or add pops of color to any event space. Choosing the right event lighting solutions isn’t just a practical concern because lighting can add creativity and drama to any type of event in any venue.

Here’s a guide to the various types of lights used in events and how you can make the most of your lighting choices at your next event. Get ready to see lighting in a whole new way.

Column and Pedestal Event Lighting

LED column and pedestal indoor event lighting provide you versatility and beauty in larger venues. CORT Events Luna Lighting collection of column and pedestal lights are bright and visually striking, but they also give you exciting options. You can add your logo and branding to column and pedestal lighting to raise brand awareness and corporate events, fundraisers, conferences, or product launches. LED lighting glows in combinations of red, blue, green, and white to enhance décor at wedding receptions, large parties, and festivals.

With height options ranging from just under two feet to over eight feet in height, pedestal and column lighting work really well in a large venue. You can also use pedestal lights as side tables or displays for literature, products, and artwork. You have the option of A/C or battery power for your column and pedestal lights, and batteries can power your lighting for up to eight hours.

Accent Lighting: Decorative Lighting for Events

Another way to use indoor event lighting to your advantage is by renting LED accent lights. These lightweight, portable lights can go anywhere to add color and dramatic effects in any space or venue, and they can be powered both via batteries or plug-in. LED accent lighting can make an otherwise boring venue or room come to life, and they’re strong enough to use inside or in the great outdoors.

Pair your LED accent lights with curtains or place them in corners, along walls, or under foliage. They work well with product displays or banners, under bistro tables, and alongside architectural elements. Using them for uplighting gives a room a dramatic effect. Light a bare wall or combine lighting with a batten or curtain. Place them at the top corner of the wall to dramatically light the ceiling line. Make color choices work for you or combine your lighting with a gobo stencil to project striking images of light. The sky really is the limit with how you can use uplighting for exciting effects.

Other Creative Event Lighting Ideas

When it comes to lighting your event, you can use smaller lights for brilliant creative effects as well. Movie lamps give you options for projecting your logo or other branding elements onto walls, curtains, or screens. It’s a terrific way to increase brand awareness at any event. You can also project artwork anywhere in your venue. Movie lamps can also give off a cool, behind-the-scenes or industrial vibe to your event space.

Floor and table lamps give you options for more focused lighting in a conversation area, breakout room, or dining space. Smaller lighting pieces like these allow you to have more control over the light in specific areas, and they help create a warm, intimate feel when you want to bring a touch of home to your event.

CORT Events: Your One-Stop Shop for Innovative Lighting

Achieving your creative lighting ideas doesn’t have to be overwhelming. When you find the right partner for your indoor or outdoor event lighting rental, lighting your event can be easy and fun. With CORT Events, you have that partner.

At CORT Events, we not only have all the lighting you need to make your event perfect, but we also have loads of ideas and inspiration that you may have never thought of before. We make setup and delivery a breeze, taking one of the biggest headaches off your mind. And with our nationwide footprint, chances are we’re close to your venue or event space.

When you’re ready to tackle your event lighting rental needs, check out CORT Events for easy planning and peace of mind when your event rolls around.

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