Posts tagged 'Event Lighting'

large seating area with brown leather seating, bar tables, and cream drape
4 min read

Paying Attention to Details: Demonstrating Dedication to Event Attendees through Drapes

Don’t underestimate what drapes can do to customize your event space and foster unique and engaging experiences. Here’s how.

large conference seating area with blue low lighting and various soft seating
5 min read

Capturing Big-City Excitement in Regional Events

Transform your regional event into a vibrant urban experience with our step-by-step guide.

closeup of spotlight
4 min read

Lighting Inspiration for Your Next Event

With all the elements you have to think about when you’re planning an event, sometimes it’s easy to overlook lighting — or at least to take it for granted. But you should give careful consideration to lighting choices. Lighting has its obvious pragmatic applications, but it also gives you plenty of ways to innovate and wow your attendees.

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