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guests eating and socializing at event
5 min read

The Working Event: Flexible Furniture for Work and Play

Today’s business events aren’t just about business — there’s almost always an element of socialization that takes place before, after, or even during an event. When you’re planning a networking event, you can harness the camaraderie and excitement that events like these can breed, because teams that can hang out together become stronger units at work.

white tufted sofa with teal accent chairs and ottomanEvents come in all shapes and sizes, but every event needs certain furniture pieces to be successful. Here’s your guide to the pieces you should consider for your next event.
6 min read

The Essential Furniture Pieces for Every Event

Today’s events are unique and creative, unlike the cookie-cutter events of the past. To set your next event apart from the rest, you need a compelling theme and décor that matches your ideas.

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