Curated and Connected: Designing Event Spaces with Powered Products

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Curated and Connected: Designing Event Spaces with Powered Products

When planning an event, it's crucial to strike a balance between aesthetics and functionality. While the visual appeal of an event is important, the functionality and comfort it offers to attendees play an equally significant role. In today's technologically driven world, incorporating power accessibility into event furniture becomes essential. This article explores the benefits of using CORT Events furniture rental to create a curated and connected event space without compromising on style and function.

Identifying Areas Where Guests Need Access to Power

Before integrating powered products into your event design, it is essential to identify areas where guests will need access to power. Consider spaces such as seating areas, dining tables, and bars, where attendees are likely to charge their devices.

However, it's important to assess the type of activities planned, as not all areas may require power access. In larger areas where attendees may gather to see a speaker or listen to a panel discussion, you can alternate powered seating with standard chairs, giving everyone easy access to power without having a powered chair in every space. For instance, the Naples Chair and the Allegro Chair look great together, and they give attendees power options when you use both throughout a space. For collaborative activities or meeting spaces, a powered table such as the 8” Powered Table with a White Top gives groups or teams the option to plug in as needed.

Selecting Appropriate Powered Products for Each Space

To seamlessly integrate powered furniture into your event design, it is crucial to select appropriate pieces for each space. CORT Events offers a wide selection of stylish and functional powered products that can complement your existing furniture and decor.

For example, if you're incorporating a bar area, CORT Events provides powered bars and tables with built-in outlets and USB ports, allowing attendees to charge their devices while enjoying the event. Additionally, you can incorporate powered seating options like the Endless Powered Circle Ottoman, which provides both seating and table space along with power access.

Creating Designated Charging Areas

While short-term charging in chairs or at bar tables is convenient, it may not be suitable for longer charging durations. To avoid clutter and inconvenience, it is beneficial to designate specific charging areas within the event space. These designated areas not only provide convenience but can also serve as impromptu networking and community spots.

CORT Events offers excellent options for creating charging spaces that combine comfort, style, and ample power access. For instance, combining the Endless Powered 3-Seat Curved Ottoman with Large Curved Tables and the Endless Powered Low Back Comma Sectional with two Round Tables provides attendees with various options for charging their devices via USB ports and outlets. You can also place Village Charging Hubs throughout your charging areas to give attendees even more options.

Integrating Powered Products Seamlessly Into Seating Areas

Today's powered furniture pieces offer a sleek and modern design that seamlessly integrates with the overall event decor. CORT's powered furniture collection provides a range of stylish options that match the aesthetic of your event while offering functional power accessibility.

Notably, the Wireless Charging Table stands out as a cutting-edge piece that serves as both an end table and a power hub, equipped with power outlets, USB ports, and wireless charging capability. The powered Naples Sofa is another striking option, featuring a sleek black vinyl seating surface with in-arm charging panels.

Ready to Create a Curated and Connected Space?

Achieving a curated and connected event space is easier than ever with the help of powered furniture. By identifying power access points, selecting appropriate powered products, creating designated charging areas, and seamlessly integrating powered furniture into seating areas, event planners can strike the perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics.

When partnering with CORT Events, experienced event designers can assist in selecting the right pieces and providing comprehensive event planning and execution support. With CORT Events, creating a successful event that caters to both form and function becomes a seamless and enjoyable process.

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