Unexpected Color Combos That Will Always Work

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Unexpected Color Combos That Will Always Work

TikTok is influencing everything around us — from music to comedy to fashion. One of the trends that TikTok has helped shape is design for home and event spaces. Creators on TikTok are demonstrating how color combinations that shouldn’t work actually do work, and these TikTok designs are taking the world by storm. They can even become a part of your next event.

Using TikTok trends as inspiration, we’re going to show you how blending surprising color combinations can add flair to your events. We’ll also introduce the concept of dopamine dressing and show how color combinations at your events can create the mood your attendees are seeking. Finally, we’ll help you uncover how to make TikTok design a reality with CORT event furnishings.

Aesthetic Color Combos

One of the guiding principles of TikTok design is aesthetics — using certain color combinations to achieve a particular look, style, or feeling. A concept that goes along with the aesthetic principles of TikTok design is dopamine dressing.

Dopamine dressing takes its cue from the idea in clothing fashion that the colors you wear can help determine your mood. Using this idea in your event design means putting specific colors and color combinations to work to evoke specific feelings or moods in your attendees.

These ideas come from the main principle of color theory that specific colors evoke different emotions, mindsets, or moods. Dopamine dressing and aesthetic color combos allow you to harness the different symbolic aspects of color and make them work at your next event using wall colors, larger furniture pieces, and accessories.

Purple Color Combos

Purple is a color that suggests mystery, spirituality, and imagination. It’s also symbolic of royalty, which goes back to ancient times when the purple dye was so expensive that only the highest echelons of society could afford it. Various options, including a color combo for purple, can give your event a bold look that suggests excitement and risk.

For a professional yet exciting look to your event, purple makes an enticing color combo for black, especially in lighter tones. A combination of plum and teal is rich and inviting, particularly when you throw in luxurious textures. Purple and yellow can be bold and bright, but it also works well for a Mardi Gras theme while purple and blue can create a smooth vibe for a nighttime event.

One crucial accessory that can help you achieve these bold looks is the ottoman. Incorporating ottoman rentals for events gives you opportunities for pops of color as well as extra comfort. Ottomans can also double as extra seating for intimate conversation areas as well as larger gatherings.

Green Color Combos

When it comes to dopamine dressing and decorating, green is a key color because it symbolizes vitality and health. It also suggests harmony, safety, and growth. Green is also versatile in that it pairs well with plenty of colors, including some that you might not expect. You may even find some green combo colors that work well at your next event.

Green is a great option for a natural look, especially when you combine it with Earth tones. Shades of green pair well with yellows, pinks, and purples for a vibrant look, or greens combine beautifully with grays and browns for a more natural, Earthbound vibe.

CORT offers the Endless Collection of sofas and ottomans, which allow you to create whatever configuration of seating you want, including in vibrant green. For an outdoor event — or an occasion when you want to bring the outside indoors — check out the Outdoor Collection for items that work well inside and outside in natural, harmonious tones.

Blue Color Combos

Blue is one of the most versatile colors for decorating or dopamine dressing because it suggests trustworthiness, security, responsibility, and loyalty. Depending on the shade you want to use, it can be refreshing, peaceful, or strong. One of the best things about blue and its various shades is versatility.

Incorporating blues into an event color palette is an easy way to maintain a more traditional, reassuring feel while combining with more experimental colors. Shades of blue look great with browns and whites for a natural, retro vibe, while pink and navy provide an elegant sense of style. Blue can be exciting in a color combo with green or patriotic when you pair it with red. Put navy blues with shades of burnt orange for a dramatic yet sophisticated look.

Blue is an especially flexible and popular color for rental event bar furniture. Barstools offer contemporary style in modern, versatile shades of blue — like the Blade barstool, which looks amazing with red, or the Marina barstool, which pairs well with browns or reds. Regardless of what color you pair it with, keep blue in mind as an option for event barstool rentals.

Dress Your Next Event in Color Combos With CORT Events

No matter what color combination you take from TikTok inspiration — or dream up on your own — you have a partner every step of the way in CORT Events. When you team up with CORT Events rentals, you’re not just renting furniture — you’re also working with a source of creative inspiration and ideas. From the early planning stages of your event to the final execution, CORT is behind you all the way.

Whether you’re planning a wedding or corporate event or relying on CORT trade show and event furnishings, you don’t have to worry about setup, assembly, or breakdown because CORT takes care of all of it for you. Additionally, you can count on CORT for high-quality furniture, decor, and accessories that are customizable based on your event needs.

The next time you’re ready for vibrant color combinations for your next event, there’s one name to count on: CORT Events.

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