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Bringing 2022 Color Trends to Your Events

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Bringing 2022 Color Trends to Your Events

Every event organizer wants to create an experience that attendees will enjoy during the event and remember when it’s over. The look of your event is key to making sure it leaves an impression on eventgoers. One of the ways you can create a memorable event is to use modern colors to achieve an up-to-the-moment look.

Paint manufacturers, designers, and Pantone — the world’s color authority — determine the colors of the year, and it’s a complex process that involves looking at the trends and events of recent years to determine the colors that will resonate with individuals and families.

For example, the 2021 colors of the year reflected the desire for stability and consistency after a pandemic year with much uncertainty. This year they’ve chosen colors that you can incorporate into your next event, and here’s who you can give your event an up-to-the-moment look with 2022’s colors of the year.

Vibrant Periwinkle (Very Peri by Pantone)

For 2022, Pantone has introduced a custom hue as their color of the year for the first time. Veri Peri is a vibrant, purple-blue shade that the color authority chose for its joyous and dynamic confidence. Similar shades to Very Peri have made their way into interior paints, accessories, and even hair dye. Very Peri is designed to inspire creativity, which makes periwinkle a fine choice for event design, and even though Very Peri is a custom color, you can find similar shades of periwinkle that you’ll love.

Periwinkle isn’t a delicate lavender, and it’s not a dark purple. It’s a vibrant and exciting color that you can use in large and small ways. CORT Event’s Sterling Chandler Package includes furniture pieces that tie in shades of periwinkle, while the Constellation Package gives you complimentary colors if you’re using periwinkle with walls or drapery.

CORT Events is also featuring products from this same color family in their “Creativity and Courage” line. If you’d rather use periwinkle in splashes, look for rugs and pillows that tie in the color without making it a focus.

Dusty Green Color Trend

Dusty Green (Laurel Leaf by Better Homes & Gardens)

Better Homes & Gardens has jumped into the color of the year game for the first time in 2022 with Laurel Leaf, a dusty shade of green that’s only available at one national retailer, but you can find similar shades that work equally well. Dusty green hues are warm and organic, and they tie in well with natural wood and neutral tones. Shades of green with natural tones work for both indoor and outdoor events, as well as various times throughout the year.

Tying dusty green tones into your next event is simple, and it can be an effective way to achieve an organic look that brings the outdoors inside or complements an outside event. The Lena Chair Package from CORT Events incorporates dusty green into a garden-themed space plan, while the Sterling Lena Package invites natural hues into a sleek modern design. These shades of green especially look amazing when you tie them in with tropical-themed accessories like pillows, rugs, and palm trees.

Soft Brown Color Trend

Soft Brown (Art and Craft by Dunn-Edwards)

Paint manufacturer Dunn-Edwards has crowned its soft brown shade called Art and Craft as its 2022 color of the year. It’s not a dirty brown or a chocolate color — instead, it’s a softer brown that’s still earthy yet sophisticated. Dunn-Edwards chose this particular color for the way it ties other colors together. It’s classic and historical in its soft elegance, and it works effectively as an interior or exterior color.

If you’re looking for ways to work soft brown into your next event, check out CORT Event’s Valencia Package. In it, softer shades of brown blend with darker browns and other earth tones for a Mediterranean look. Or try the Baja Beverly Package, which ties together browns and neutrals in an appealing mid-century modern mix. Opt for accessories that tie in earthy tones, blend them with other natural styles, or offer complementary colors.

Another of CORT Event’s collections for the new year is “Strength and Hope,” which features deep oranges, golds, and neutrals in combinations that complement each other and allow the inspiring gold tones to shine.

When you’re ready to bring these trendy and exciting colors into your next event plan, there’s one name to trust: CORT Events. We’re not just your go-to for renting furniture pieces like tables and chairs — we’re your source for creative inspiration and ideas that will make your next event one to remember.

Whether you’re in the early stages of planning an event or need to add a spark of excitement to an event that’s already on the books, we’re here to help you take your event planning to new heights. Check us out online or give us a call today.

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