Introducing Pearlcore to Your Event Design

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Introducing Pearlcore to Your Event Design

As you’re planning events in 2022, chances are you’re looking to harness some of the trendy looks this year. One of the hottest trends for 2022 that’s hard to explain on paper — but that you would know when you saw it in person — is pearlcore. Here’s an explanation of what pearlcore is and how you can put it to use in your events in 2022.

So…What Exactly Is Pearlcore?

Pearlcore is a hot design trend that, true to its name, relies on iridescent accents and a color scheme based on off-white neturals. The look that pearlcore gives you suggests the smooth, shiny iridescence of pearls and brings that timeless, classy look into interior design while still looking modern. Pearlcore can give a peaceful, soothing vibe to your event.

How do you achieve a pearlcore look? The easiest and best way to introduce pearlcore into a design is to use accents to bring iridescence in smaller ways. Accents like lighting, drapes, and inlaid surfaces are a good start. Incorporate linens, pearl strands, garland, tiling, and mirrors to further support a pearlcore look. More artistic elements like iridescent stenciling, mosaics, and textured wallpaper add sheen to a space.

Colors that support a pearlcore design include white, off-white, warm neutrals, soft pink, and gray tones. Basically, if a color suggests pearls to you, then it works with pearlcore. Fabrics like satins, silks, and velvets, along with pearl-embellished accessories like pillows and throws, can contribute to the pearlcore look.

What Colors Go With Off-White Furniture?

If you’re planning on incorporating a pearlcore look into your next event design, you may wonder what accent colors work well with your white event furniture. Depending on the overall look you’re hoping to achieve, you can blend different colors with pearlcore elements.

If you want to emphasize your pearlcore elements over everything else, go neutral. Tying other neutrals with off-white furniture creates a clean, simple aesthetic that can make iridescent accents really pop. Pastels combined with off-white are ideal for an event that cultivates a particularly feminine, springtime, or soft look.

Off-white event furniture with lighter cool tones like greens and blues work well in spring and summer or if you’re looking for a country vibe. Using darker colors with pearlcore design and off-white furniture gives of a more traditional sensibility. 

Using Pearlcore Accents for Events

Accents are an ideal way to introduce pearlcore to your event design. As an alternative to larger pieces that dominate your space, iridescent accents and off-white decor pieces can draw in pearlcore elements in a more subtle way. Consider some of these accent ideas when you’re looking for event decor rentals.


Use throw pillows to soften the look and feel of furniture and imbue the colors and textures of pearlcore. Pillows with velvety fabrics, shimmery patterns, textures, and soft hues can complement a pearlcore look, bring in iridescence, and blend well with off-white tones.

A Champagne Velvet Pillow and Ombre Pillow offer shimmery texture and subtle colors that pair well with pearlcore designs. For a more elegant style, try the Regal Pillow or the Dia Pillow. The Aztec Pillow and Dot Pillow add classic colors and bold patterns, while the Flamingo Pillow and Bees Pillow provide a sense of fun.


Your use of lighting can help achieve an iridescent pearlcore look. Utilize soft lighting effects such as warm white bulbs in table lamps and standing lamps, strands of tiny fairy LED lights, and chandeliers to add a pearly shine to a space of any size.

Accent lighting can also help you achieve a pearlcore look. Check out the Delano collection of table lamps and floor lamps to see a retro design that ties in well with off-white and neutral tones. LED column lighting can also help you add some iridescence in corners and at the division points between spaces.

Throw rugs

Throw rugs are some of the most versatile accessories you can use in a space. They lend warmth, break up large expanses of bare flooring, and can be used to section off different areas of your event. To incorporate throw rugs into your pearlcore-designed event, choose complex patterns in neutrals, tiling effects, textures and weaves, and iridescent effects.

The Circles rug combines rich, neutral tones with an enticing pattern, while the Visions rug adds impressionist textures and bright gold or rich purple tones. The Lapis rug looks rugged and natural, while the Horizons rug brings vibrant blues to your decor.

Table accents

Accent pieces for tables make it easy to add pearlcore elements to dining tables, display tables, or end tables. Rely on tablecloths in off-white, iridescents, soft pastels, and patterns or lined with pearl edging to spread a pearlcore effect across the whole table. Table runners, coasters, napkin rings, mother of pearl dishes and platters, and candleholders are all terrific ways to bring in iridescent and off-white elements.


Don’t underestimate the power of mirrors in helping you achieve the perfect pearlcore design. Mirrors can lend to a vintage look, used to reflect lighting, and framed in mosaic and iridescent patterns and colors. You can also write or draw on mirrors for a personalized effect that is completely custom to your event.


Translucent, silky, or shimmery drapery adds a pearlcore look and feel to your event. Off-white drapes or sheers with lights shining on them can add an iridescent effect to your event space. Drapery along the walls, used as room dividers, or strategically placed for lighting or projection can be effective and striking. There are plenty of options for drape rental for your next event.

CORT Events: Your Partner in Pearlcore Event Design

When you’re ready to plan your next event, partnering with the right event furniture rental company can make all the difference. CORT Events can provide the accents you need to introduce pearlcore to your event design.

Whether you have a vision for your event in mind or you need some creative inspiration and resources for planning, CORT Events furniture rental is ready to partner with you. And CORT Events Rental isn’t just there for the planning — we take care of delivery, setup, and breakdown.

Give CORT Events a call or check us out on the web to make your next event a reality.

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