Winter Wonderland in the Digital Age: Designing a Magical Event with CORT's Powered Products

Winter Wonderland in the Digital Age: Designing a Magical Event with CORT's Powered Products
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Winter Wonderland in the Digital Age: Designing a Magical Event with CORT's Powered Products

Wintertime events have their own particular challenges for event planners. There are certain “nonnegotiables” when it comes to a winter event, and you can’t plan one without them. Events during the holiday season and the rest of winter involve turning ordinary spaces into enchanting winter wonderlands. 

One of the great things about technology is that event planners can harness it to create immersive and memorable event experiences. Combining technology with the traditional elements of seasonal events allows you to develop a truly “curated and connected” event.

Integrating technology into your winter event can help to make it more interactive, convenient, and memorable. One of the biggest factors in creating a “curated and connected” winter event is using powered furniture not only to make attendees comfortable but also to allow them to harness technology to their benefit and enjoyment.

This is where CORT's Powered Products come into play. Powered furniture pieces serve as strategic design elements that offer seamless charging capabilities and connectivity, ensuring guests stay connected in style. In this article, we’ll show you how you can incorporate powered furniture into your winter events.

Illuminating the Scene: Lighting and Drapes

Light in the wintertime takes on a certain unique glow, so lighting is especially crucial at wintertime events. You can set the scene for an indoor or outdoor event in the winter with captivating lighting. Cool-toned lights interspersed with warm white twinkles create a memorable look that imitates the natural play of moonlight on a frosty landscape.

It’s easy to achieve a beautiful winter lightscape with CORT’s Luna Lighting. Customizable LED color settings allow you to enhance the winter mood with endless possibilities. White, pewter or deep sea blue drapes are the ideal canvas to help set the scene with lighting. 

The Powered Wireless Charging Table features LED sides that you can match to the Luna Lighting. Place them throughout the space to add a matching aesthetic as well as the functionality of the charging tables. 

The Ice Palace: Centerpieces and Communal Tables

An event in any season is even better when you add striking centerpieces that draw the eye, and wintertime designs provide you with some unique style elements that can be beautiful and compelling. 

The sky's the limit when you think about wintertime design. Bringing the outdoors inside — even if you’re not in a region where snow covers the ground — can create an evocative and memorable setting.

For dining tables and other communal areas, you can incorporate ice-like crystal centerpieces, silver candleholders or pine cones dusted lightly with faux snow. These elements give a regal, ice-palace aesthetic that suggests both wintertime and majestic elegance.

Those elegant centerpieces and natural elements look even better on the 10’ Powered Table from CORT’s collection. With its white top and silver powder-coated legs, this table fits in with a wintertime design, and it offers charging capabilities, serving as a hub for connectivity as well as interaction.

Warming Station: Lounge Areas

Whether you’re planning an indoor or outdoor winter event, it’s important to have places for attendees to warm up. Warming lounges are a terrific way for guests to recharge both their bodies and their devices. Warming drinks like coffee, hot chocolate, and cider — or more adult options — add to the fun of these areas.

You can create appealing lounge spaces for warming and recharging with comfortable seating, warm lighting, and opportunities to keep their devices powered up while they warm up, socialize, and connect.

The best way to equip your warming stations is with CORT's powered ottomans and side tables, including the Endless Powered 6-Seat Square Ottoman/Table. These pieces not only provide comfortable seating but also come equipped with charging ports so that attendees can relax and recharge in every way.

Another worthwhile option for a warming lounge is the Midtown Powered Counter Circle. Its modern, circular design is tailor-made for social interaction, and its built-in charging outlets allow guests to keep their devices powered up. The counter’s sleek black finish is a blank canvas for cool-toned winter decor that blends well with a winter wonderland theme.

How Will You Incorporate Powered Products Into Your Winter Event?

You can’t beat a winter-themed event for immersive magic, but you can take your event to the next level when you match the experience to functionality. Adding powered products, such as the incredible selection that CORT Events offers, you can create a truly enchanting winter event that is both visually captivating and optimally connected. 

CORT Events isn’t just your go-to for striking furniture and decor — it’s also your partner for planning and preparation. From CORT's Space Planning tool to creative inspiration, CORT Events has everything you need to design a winter event in the digital age

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