New York, Nevada, Florida: Where Have Events Been Happening

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New York, Nevada, Florida: Where Have Events Been Happening

It’s no secret that 2020 was a difficult year for the event industry. The COVID-19 pandemic generated fear in many sectors of the economy, and the quarantines and lockdowns designed to slow the spread of the virus caused event planners to cancel many events and put others on hold.

After months of delay and uncertainty, events are coming back. With variants of the COVID-19 virus proving that we’re not out of the woods yet, health and safety are still paramount. Event planners and vendors are taking precautions to ensure the safety of guests, while other events have incorporated digital components for those who are unsure about attending in person.

Who Took the Hardest Hit?

The recession brought on by the pandemic took its toll throughout the country, but cities and states that rely heavily on the event industry — along with tourism and the arts sector — especially suffered. Some of the areas you might expect to have struggled when events came to a halt took the hardest hit.

New York City suffered a tremendous blow from COVID-19 when tourism dropped by two-thirds, with tens of thousands of jobs lost in the arts, recreation, and event industries. CNN called Las Vegas the “hardest-hit metro economy in America” and reported that the event sector continued to struggle as 2021 dawned. In Florida, 96% of event business owners in a survey conducted by Avenue Event Group reported that they have seen a decrease in revenue in 2020 by 25% or more. Over three-fourths of them said they would have to make tough decisions about their businesses going forward.

Who’s Returning?

New York has seen the return of some world-renowned events. The US Open 2020 was the first sporting event in New York since the pandemic, and it served as a catalyst for more events to come, as well as an example of how large events can take place safely and successfully. The Tribeca Film Festival 2021 greeted guests at several locations throughout the city and brought much-needed entertainment to movie fans in the Big Apple.

Florida is one of the hotspots for events every year, and 2021 has been no exception. This year, the Sunshine State has hosted corporate events in many areas of business, from the financial sector to the biomedical industry. Events like the Super Bowl and conferences for multiple automobile manufacturers have brought crowds to Florida with success and safety.

Nevada’s events have included multiple corporate conferences and summits, along with a large meeting of automobile dealers. Naturally, Nevada has also played home to events surrounding the college basketball playoffs and postseason professional football. Just like Nevada and Florida, the Chicagoland area has hosted numerous automotive conventions and sporting events, along with Lollapalooza and the Indy 500 not too far away in Indianapolis.

Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow: How CORT Events Has Been Here Through It All

Events in 2020 brought a new emphasis on precautions to ensure the health and safety of eventgoers. At the US Open 2020, CORT Events was able to make attendees feel safe and comfortable so that they could enjoy the activities without concerns over the spread of COVID-19. We collaborated with organizers to create floor plans and select furniture that allowed tennis fans to enjoy the Open safely. Plexiglass shields helped increase a sense of well-being and protection.

CORT Events put additional innovative technology to work in 2020, like the Build Your Meeting Guide, which can help you plan your next event safely in 2021 and beyond. At the Tribeca Film Festival, innovative six-foot grids allowed attendees to social distance and still enjoy the films on display. Other smaller and mid-sized events have successfully taken place with health and comfort at the forefront.

Today, CORT Events is taking the lessons that the event industry learned in 2021 and building on them to help ensure the safety and success of future events. Every piece of furniture and decor from CORT Events comes sanitized with CORT Certified Cleaned Labels, and all CORT warehouses have one manager who is certified by the Global Biorisk Advisory Council (GBAC). CORT Events has also introduced new safety collections to help ensure social distancing of three to six feet, and these new collections were put to use effectively at the Super Bowl.

When you’re ready for your next event, there’s one name to call: CORT Events. The team at CORT Events is continuing to refine existing safety protocols and develop new ways to ensure that eventgoers are protected from new threats. Trust CORT Events for a safe, secure, and successful event in 2021 and beyond.

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