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Designing Events with the Perfect Mix of Modern and Timeless Elements

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Designing Events with the Perfect Mix of Modern and Timeless Elements

When it comes to event design, we often focus on fabrics for texture, but metal can bring a unique touch. Metallic elements can add elegance and sophistication to any event, regardless of its size, scope, or purpose.

Blending new and vintage elements is a hot trend in 2023, and mixing metals can help you achieve a cohesive and visually interesting environment that embodies both modernity and timelessness.

Start By Choosing a Dominant Metal

Just like balancing colors and textures, strategic decision-making is essential when working with metals. Going overboard with one metal can be overwhelming, while using too little can make the design lackluster. The key is to achieve a balanced mix of metals, with a dominant metal acting as the foundation.

To create cohesion, select your preferred metal finish and then choose one or two complementary metal accents. This primary metal will provide the space with unity, while the accent metals guide the eyes throughout the room.

For example, let's say you've chosen bronze as your dominant color. Incorporate bronze tones in multiple furniture pieces, such as the Geometric Shelving with a bronze frame, the Mesa Cocktail Table, and the Sedona Side Table. To create visual interest, introduce cool metal tones like the Atherton Chair with a dark steel frame and the Palm Beach Sofa with silver legs.

Mix Warm and Cool Tone Metals

Using multiple metal finishes can add variety, glamour, and excitement to your space, but be mindful not to overwhelm it with too many metallic tones. Most interior designers recommend selecting no more than three metal finishes for one room.

Warm metals like brass, gold, copper, and oil-rubbed bronze, and cool metals like chrome, polished nickel, and brushed nickel offer contrasting tones that can elevate your design. Black, considered a cool-toned metal or a neutral, serves as an excellent third metal to balance the mix.

For a visually striking look, consider combining silver and gold tones. Silver brings a sleek and modern touch, while gold suggests luxury and elegance. For instance, CORT's Geo Cocktail Table with a chrome base and glass top can serve as your focal piece. Pair it with the Chandler Sofa featuring a black metal base, and add a lamp with a gold base like the Irvine Table Lamp for warmth.

Combine Different Metal Textures

Metal isn't just about tones; it also encompasses various textures. By incorporating a mix of shiny and matte metal finishes, you can create a dynamic and visually appealing atmosphere. Shiny metal finishes exude elegance and glamour, while matte finishes offer a sense of understated sophistication.

To achieve this contrast, consider incorporating shiny metal tables with matte metal lighting fixtures or using shiny metal linens alongside matte metal centerpieces. Combining matte, polished, and hammered finishes can create a visually diverse design that captures attention.

Choose the Metals That Fit the Atmosphere

Just as metals help establish themes or atmospheres in home decor, they can do the same for corporate event design. Mixing dark metals can create an industrial or rustic look, while combining chrome and stainless steel suggests a sleek and contemporary style.

For an industrial feel, consider pieces with a gunmetal finish like the Rustique Barstool and Rustique Square Metal Bar Table. If you prefer a modern aesthetic, opt for items like the Regis Bench/Table, a brushed silver metal mid-century classic cocktail table that doubles as a bench. Pair it with the Zenith Barstool and the chrome-framed Posh 6' Bar for a retro touch.


Mixing Metals for a Modern and Timeless Look

Incorporating mixed metals into corporate event design adds a touch of elegance and sophistication. Balancing the right mix of metallic tones and textures allows you to create a cohesive and memorable space that captivates your attendees.

Don't be intimidated by using metals at your next event—especially when partnering with CORT Events. With their impressive selection of metal finishes, textures, and accents, as well as their support, inspiration, and cutting-edge planning tools, designing an event that meets your needs and specifications in 2023 becomes easy and enjoyable. Trust CORT Events to make your vision a reality.

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