Innovative Furnishing Solutions for Exhibit Designers: Enhancing Brand Image on a Budget

Innovative Furnishing Solutions for Exhibit Designers: Enhancing Brand Image on a Budget
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Innovative Furnishing Solutions for Exhibit Designers: Enhancing Brand Image on a Budget

It’s no secret that we live in a time when inflation is high and everyone is worried about cost overruns. This mindset can spill over into your event planning too, creating a challenge in balancing cost-efficiency with aesthetic appeal. Rapidly changing trends can make connecting an event design to your brand seem impossible.

But fear not. You don’t have to sacrifice an aesthetically pleasing design or the enhancement of your brand in the name of cost-effectiveness. All it takes is a little planning and innovation. 

In this article, we’re going to show you how you can have the best of all worlds: a budget-friendly event that looks current and allows you to showcase your brand. The right partner is the key to finding that sweet spot, and CORT Events can help you with its innovative furniture offerings, stylish designs, and color options. Let’s look a little deeper and see how you can make the perfect event a reality — on trend and on budget.

The Strategic Use of Color in Exhibit Design

No matter your budget, one of the ways you can make a statement is with color. Your color choices can create an impressive first impression because color has a definite psychological impact on attendees.

“Color often determines a consumer’s first impression of a brand or product,” writes Bailey Maybray at HubSpot. “Consumers attach feelings they have about certain colors, such as black as luxurious, to the product. In turn, those color associations influence their perception of your brand. Color psychology plays a major role in how consumers make decisions and evaluate brands.”

Maybray also points out that:

  • “Up to 90% of an initial impression comes from color.”
  • “Color can increase brand awareness and recognition by 80%.”

Neutral colors can be an obvious choice because they’re timeless, but your use of color can draw attendees in, captivating and engaging them. As designer and architect Mel McGowan is fond of saying, “Don’t be afraid of color.” You can even use a neutral base piece like the Brighton Sectional and pair it with vivid accessories and smaller pieces in bright colors.

NYFW Spring 2024’s color trend report indicates that a mix of warm and cool colors is ideal for almost any event. CORT Events has an extensive catalog of furniture, decor, and accessories available in an array of neutral and vibrant colors.

Of course, you may want to customize pieces to reflect or match your brand’s color scheme. CORT Events has you covered there too — literally. CORT’s options for personalization include pieces like the Swanson Swivel Chair, Fabric Cover which has customizable fabric covers.

Maximizing Budgets With Modular and Multifunctional Designs

One of the best ways to get the most bang for your budget is using modular and multifunctional furniture pieces that allow you to be flexible and adapt your layouts and configurations to different designs and spaces. Working with the same pieces for different sessions or events allows you to enhance your brand image without having to start from scratch every time you prepare for an event.

Modular and multifunctional designs allow for the creative repurposing of setups in line with evolving brand narratives. Being prepared for different circumstances without having to reinvent the wheel each time is the key to enhancing brand image in exhibit design in a cost-effective way.

CORT Events’ catalog includes furniture options that you can reconfigure for different themes and spaces, putting creative freedom at your fingertips without the need to make new purchases constantly. Pieces like the Endless Serpentine Sectional in White Vinyl and the Build Your Endless Loveseat are configurable and adaptable to any event plan. CORT’s Drape and Uplighting options turn any wall into a blank canvas that you can match to your branding.

Ensuring Exhibit Consistency Across Multiple Venues

One of the most important things you can do to reinforce brand recognition and loyalty is to maintain a consistent brand image and exhibit design across multiple shows and markets. If attendees and clients can count on knowing what they’re getting with your brand, it builds trust in their minds. 

There are other pluses to staying consistent with your branding at shows and events. It’s a much more budget-friendly option, and it takes the stress of having to plan and prepare different designs off your plate.

One of the most significant challenges to branding consistency is adhering to specific color trends and brand themes across various locations from one exhibit house to another. CORT Events can come to the rescue with nationwide availability and reliable service no matter where you are in the country with high-quality, on-trend design elements that allow you to stay consistent. CORT’s solutions can help you address the challenge of branding with solutions that work in various locations and configurations.

Elevating Exhibit Designs With CORT Events

Success in exhibit design comes in striking the balance between cost-efficiency and aesthetic appeal. That sweet spot is easier to achieve than you think with innovative furnishing solutions that remain consistent across multiple events and venues. 

CORT Events is an ideal partner to navigate the challenges around trending designs, cost, and consistency. CORT Events leverages its extensive product range, personalization options, and reliable service to create memorable, brand-enhancing exhibits that captivate and engage attendees. Explore the possibilities.

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