Designing Events for the "Decision-Maker" Persona

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Designing Events for the "Decision-Maker" Persona

We’ve been talking about how important it is for you to consider the attendee personas at your events in planning the spaces and experiences that will become part of the event. These personas are hypothetical representations of the people who will show up at your event. One of those personas is the "Decision-Maker.”

The information that the "Decision-Maker” can glean from your event can make major changes in the direction of a company, so this persona has a significant impact on the success of the event. This means that designing an event space that caters to this persona's needs is crucial for the success of the event.

In this article, we’ll share some advice on how to design spaces and experiences that meet the needs of the "Decision-Maker.”

Who is the "Decision-Maker"?

The "Decision-Maker” attendee is just what the name implies: typically a high-level executive or other decision-maker within a company. This type of persona attends corporate events seeking information to help make important business decisions, learn about new products or services, and network with other industry leaders.

Now, let's look at a few of the ways to build your event around this individual.

Prioritize Comfort and Convenience

The "Decision-Maker” is often used to amenities and special treatment in everyday life, so he or she will expect this kind of experience at an event. Comfort items and conveniences like comfortable seating, charging stations, and easy access to food and beverages are welcome for any attendee, but the "Decision-Maker” will especially appreciate them.

A space that’s well-lit and easy to navigate with clear signage and helpful directions can help decision-makers find their way around. Take advantage of technology to accommodate tech-savvy decision-makers. Experiences such as interactive displays or virtual reality experiences will not only impress decision-makers but also keep them engaged and entertained. With all the technology at the fingertips of decision-makers, it’s vital that you ensure that your event space has the necessary technology infrastructure such as high-speed Wi-Fi with built-in redundancy, charging stations, and audio/visual (AV) equipment.

Your furniture choices go a long way in setting up an atmosphere of comfort and convenience. A designated bar area for food and drinks demonstrates the commitment to attendees’ well-being and enjoyment while designated areas with powered furniture for collaborative work and virtual reality (VR) experiences gives the tech-savvy a place to feel at home. Soft seating areas like the Constellation Black and White Package can make decision-makers feel more comfortable, and you can use seating like the Endless Powered Double Square High Back Sofa w/ 4 Round Tables that allows decision-makers to personally recharge while charging their devices.

Focus on Professionalism

With the decisions and connections being made at your event, it’s crucial that a professional environment comes through in your event space design. High-quality furniture and decor that reflects the tone of the event will help your attendees realize that your event is a place where they can do business as well as learn and develop.

Sleek, modern furniture in neutral colors like black, white, and gray will create a sophisticated and professional atmosphere. You’ll find a vast array of furniture pieces in CORT’s collection that will help you achieve a professional look. White soft seating and furniture configurations that support the look of professionalism — like the Constellation Black and White Package and the Endless White High Back Pod Package can please the decision-makers attending your event.

The Aspen Chair and Aspen Loveseat are two of CORT’s newest arrivals that will complement any professional design. “Inspired by classic Danish modern design, the Aspen Chair's simplicity is its greatest strength,” CORT says about this new collection. “Made with a faux walnut-metal frame and on-trend, taupe pebble fabric, you cannot miss its sophistication and warmth.”

CORT puts only the highest quality furniture rentals for events at your fingertips, and when you rent with CORT, you can be assured that all the furniture and decor you rent is clean, sanitary, and safe.

Pay Attention to Details

Your event space planning is about more than furniture. Some of the details that might seem minor contribute to the big picture of an event that caters to the "Decision-Maker.”

For example, your lighting choices can contribute to the overall ambiance of the event space. A combination of natural and artificial lighting helps to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Bring in customizable and adjustable lighting options to suit different moods and activities. LED lighting like the Luna Lighting pedestals help to significantly transform a room, while smaller table and floor lamps bring a different kind of effect to various parts of the space.
You can also bring a calming and refreshing touch to the event space with natural elements like plants, flowers, and water features. Touches of nature help create a welcoming environment for all your attendees — especially decision-makers.

One of the best things about natural elements is that they’re versatile, and you can bring as many or as few natural items into the space as the event calls for. Plant centerpieces are subtle and simple, while dividers like bamboo trees, palm dividers, and boxwood hedges can make a more dramatic impact. Don’t underestimate the difference that attention to detail can make in your event space.

Provide Privacy

One thing that’s particularly important to decision-makers is confidentiality. Even at events, these attendees are making important and consequential decisions that may require privacy. The "Decision-Maker” will appreciate the efforts you take to ensure privacy and confidentiality

Consider incorporating seating areas that are separated from the main event space to create a space that allows for private conversations. These spaces could be meeting rooms or private lounges where decision-makers can retreat for important discussions, and you can incorporate acoustic panels to minimize noise levels in the event space.

Choosing furniture with a higher back, like CORT’s Endless White High Back Pod Package, can divide spaces naturally, creating space for private conversations. You can also rely on other types of dividers such as drapery, clear wall dividers, whiteboard wall dividers — which are great for quick meetings — or even greenery like CORT’s brand-new Havana Palm Dividers that serve as design elements all their own.

Offer Unique Experiences

Today’s events are all about unique and memorable experiences, and decision-makers are often looking for them at the events they attend. Eye-catching surprises like immersive installations, interactive exhibits, or themed decor can grab attendees’ attention and help create a one-of-a-kind experience that will leave a lasting impression on decision-makers and make your event stand out.

One thing that decision-makers are looking for and expecting is a cohesive brand experience at the event that reflects the brand's identity and values. You can make this happen easily with branded signage, lighting, and decorations that achieve a consistent brand experience.

No matter what brand tie-ins you’re looking to accomplish, CORT’s inspiration gallery is full of creative ideas — from traditional to on-trend. You can even view some of the highly personalized events that CORT has developed for various companies and organizations.

CORT also offers a bevy of products that allow you to personalize them for a truly on-brand experience. Custom drapery and LED Luna Lighting allow you to have control over the colors that fit your branding and theme, and you can pair them with products like the Beverly Bench Ottoman with custom fabric covers and a Powered Conference Table that allows you to overlay your logo on the tabletop.

Designing for the "Decision-Maker"

On the surface, it seems like the "Decision-Maker” has more exquisite and demanding tastes than the average attendee, but when you plan your event for this type of persona, you’re raising the bar for everyone who shows up.

Putting comfort and convenience at a premium, placing a high focus on professionalism, paying close attention to detail, providing privacy and confidentiality, and planning around branding and customization will ensure that the "Decision-Maker” has a rewarding and engaging event experience. With the right event space design, you can help your attendees make the connections and decisions that will drive their businesses forward.

It’s easier than you think to design this type of event space when you partner with CORT Events. Not only can you be sure you’re renting the highest quality, safest, and most appealing furniture and decor, but you’ll also have state-of-the-art planning tools and creative inspiration in your hands.

CORT’s 2D and 3D event space planning tools with AllSeated can help create different experiences and sections within the event space to provide all the areas decision-makers are looking for when they enter the event space. It’s always a good time to see what CORT Events can do to make your next event a rousing success.

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