Revolutionizing Trade Show Experiences: Incorporating Resimercial Design in 2024

Revolutionizing Trade Show Experiences:  Incorporating Resimercial Design in 2024
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Revolutionizing Trade Show Experiences: Incorporating Resimercial Design in 2024

There’s a new trend that’s sweeping the world of office layouts and event space design, and it’s one that everybody can get behind. It’s not strictly about colors or textures, but it stands to change the way you plan your trade show appearances and events. Get ready to embrace resimercial design.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, “resimercial” is a portmanteau of “residential” and “commercial,” and just like the word suggests, this trend brings the comfort of home together with the professionalism of the business world.

Resimercial design is grabbing hold of the event planning world quickly. But it’s not as simple as adding a couch to an area designed for professional meetings.

“Resimercial isn’t putting residential furniture in a commercial setting. It’s designing with residential accessories, using commercial-grade furniture,” designer Angie Cashen told the Spokane Journal. “Resimercial is about creating a space that makes you feel good.”

The trade show experience is about how brands connect with consumers, engage in face-to-face marketing, and create memorable experiences. Resimercial design helps facilitate those experiences by embracing the concept of a comfortable “third space” that’s neither home nor the office. 

We’re going to dive into the role that resimercial design is playing in shaping the future of trade show experiences, and we’ll see how CORT’s furniture offerings can help achieve this design.

The Rise of Resimercial Design in Trade Shows

Resimercial design is shaking up the trade show industry and pulling designers out of the same-old, same-old of traditional trade show plans. These designs create a more inviting and relaxed atmosphere, making visitors feel more comfortable. The secret to resimercial design is incorporating elements typically found in home settings.

Using resimercial design in your trade show space planning helps you achieve the key objectives of trade shows. Resimercial spaces evoke a welcoming environment, create deeper connections between the brand and the consumer, and foster engagement. The comfort of a resimercial setting makes face-to-face marketing more effective by enhancing more open communication.

Aligning Goals With Design

You can harness the power of resimercial design to become more strategic in the way your brand representatives interact with visitors at trade shows. Adopting resimercial elements help you foster a more memorable environment. The blend of comfort and professionalism allows your team to break down the barriers between the brand and the consumer and that leaves a lasting impact.

Bringing resimercial design into your trade show is innovative. The freshness of on-trend furniture elements helps you stand out from the crowd and showcase your expertise in making the most of the guest experience. Using high-quality furniture and decor pieces adds significant value to the customer experience by creating a more engaging and comfortable environment.

CORT Events is the key to helping you stay at the forefront of resimercial design. CORT’s catalog stays on trend and allows you to design and create a space that looks its best.

Achieving the Resimercial Look

Creating a space that evokes comfort and connection with resimercial design isn’t rocket science. Follow a few simple suggestions — with some of the best that CORT’s catalog has to offer:

  • Focus on comfort: You don’t have to compromise on style when you’re choosing comfortable furniture. Items like the Monroe Loveseat, the Monroe Chair, and the Washed Waffle Pillow sit in that sweet spot between comfort and trendiness.
  • Create an atmosphere that feels like home: Certain elements can elicit a sense of home and also look great in your design. Pillows and artwork can make people feel at home, as can rugs like the Nile Rug and natural elements like the Havana Palm Divider.
  • Balance functionality and aesthetics: To achieve that sweet spot between form and function, pieces must be conducive to the activities and conversations that will be occurring in this space. Soft lighting options like the Irvine Floor Lamp go a long way in blending style and utility while tables like the Cayman Side Table and the Thira Table look amazing and come in handy.

The Impact of Resimercial Design on Trade Shows

Resimercial design may be the future of trade show event planning, but it’s also here today! This new trend can transform the way your brand interacts with consumers, helping foster deeper, more engaging, and innovative connections with your audience.

The benefits of resimercial design include making people feel at ease and creating an environment where conversations flow naturally and connections are formed. The comfort level of a “third space” allows you and your potential customers to get to know each other better and connect on a more profound level.

CORT Events is ready to assist you in incorporating resimercial design into your next trade show plan. With an array of stylish, comfortable, professional, and practical furniture options as well as cutting-edge planning tools and creative inspiration, CORT is your ideal partner in grabbing this new design trend by the horns.

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