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All of our furniture rental options, here at your fingertips. From soft seating to lighting, from bars to decor: browse by category to find the perfect products for your next event.


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  1. Beverly Bench Ottoman, Red Fabric
    Beverly Bench Ottoman
    Item Code:Beverly Bench Ottoman
  2. Beverly Oasis Large Grouping
    Beverly Oasis Large Grouping
    Item Code:Beverly Oasis Large Grouping
  3. Beverly Oasis Medium Grouping
    Beverly Oasis Medium Grouping
    Item Code:Beverly Oasis Medium Grouping
  4. Beverly Oasis Small Grouping, Red Fabric
    Beverly Oasis Small Grouping
    Item Code:Beverly Oasis Small Grouping
  5. Beverly Seat Back, Red Fabric
    Beverly Seat Back
    Item Code:Beverly Seat Back
  6. Beverly Small Bench Ottoman, Red Fabric
    Beverly Small Bench Ottoman
    Item Code:Beverly Small Bench Ottoman
  7. Beverly Square Ottoman, Red Fabric
    Beverly Square Ottoman
    Item Code:Beverly Square Ottoman
  8. Lift Barstool, Red Vinyl
    Lift Barstool
    Item Code:Lift Barstool
  9. Marche Swivel Ottoman, Red
    Marche Swivel Ottoman
    Item Code:Marche Swivel Ottoman
  10. Marina Barstool
    Marina Barstool
    Item Code:Marina Barstool
  11. Marina Chair, Red Fabric
    Marina Chair
    Item Code:Marina Chair
  12. Vibe Cube Ottoman, Red Vinyl
    Vibe Cube Ottoman
    Item Code:Vibe Cube Ottoman
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12 Items

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